3P Din Rail Surge Protector

Surge Protector Devices

A Surge Protection Device is there in the event of a voltage surge, where the incoming voltage is greater than what a home’s appliances can handle. Different Surge Protection Devices can absorb different amounts of voltage. If these levels are exceeded, it could affect the Surge Protection Device, which is why all they all have an indicator to show the user that it is either operational or at the end of its life.

The Surge Protection Device essentially clamps the voltage, providing a path to ground where the excess voltage is dumped, limiting the excess voltage spreading into the home. This then keeps the voltage at an acceptable level.

While Surge Protection Devices they may be a grudge purchase, they can limit the high peak voltages, diverting that extra electricity away from your distribution board. And Added Bonus, they cost a lot less than having to buy a new TV, or worse, your fridge or gate motor,

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