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WIFI Video Intercom with Access Control Keypad

The SMART Life WIFI Waterproof 12V Video Doorbell with Intercom, Access Control, Keypad and Card Reader can be used for Access Control Doors, Gate motors, Garage door motor,, magnetic locks and pedestrian gate locks, and can unlocked from any Mobile smartphones via the Tuya/ Smart Life App from anywhere in the world. 

This device is suitable for Homes, Apartments, Houses, Guest Lodges, Bed, and Breakfast accommodations, Airbnb, Shops, Farms and Businesses.

This device is for Single Door use and can be used as a Standalone access controller or Wiegand output Reader.

All you need is Our Smart Home Device, WiFI with constant Internet, 12V Power and you will have a hassle free access and intercom to your phone.

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    Supports up to 1000 users including up to 990 Common Users (990 Card/ Passwords users), and 10 Visitors.
    Unlock by Password, Card, or App.
    Live Video Feed via the 2MP Camera with Night Vision.
    Intercom to talk to your visitors via the speaker and Microphone Built into the Device.
    Touch screen Number keypad with LED backlighting and Doorbell Button.
    Pin/ Password Length is 4-6 Digits.
    Can be used as a Wiegand Reader.
    Password Peeping Prevention function allows you to input a random number then your password then random numbers and once you press the # key then it will register the correct password for example; XXXX CorrectPassword XXXX (X being Random Numbers) Max 10 Digits.
    Open your Door from anywhere in the world.
    Get alerted via Notification on your Mobile Smartphone within seconds.
    Can be used as a stand-alone system and or connected to the Tuya or Smart Life app for Remote Unlocking via your Mobile Phone.

    In-App Features; Tap and Hold to Unlock.

    Logs (Records User, Date, Time of unlock or Alarm Failed attempts)
    Video Surveillance: View Live Camera Video feed, Volume Mute/ Unmute, Touch Talking, and Unlock.
    Member Manage: Administrator (Can manage Devices and Members. Must have Tuya or Smart Life app) | Ordinary Member (Can only view Unlock and Alarm records. User can be created without them having the app). Add Multiple codes or Cards under each user Profile. Set an Effective time (Forever or Certain Effective and Expire Date including Repeat certain Days; Monday to Sunday and Start and End times) and Delete the User.
    Temporary Code: Cyclicity, Input a 6 Digit Temporary password that Starts and ends at a certain date and time including Repeating certain Days; Monday to Sunday, and Start and End times | Once-Off Offline 10 Digit Code valid for 6 Hours and can only be used Once then Expires | Logs Record.
    Settings: Keep Door Open (Forever or up to 2 Start and End times including Repeating certain Days; Monday to Sunday) | Remote Unlock Settings (Unlock from App). Permission for all app users or Admin users Only | Passage set | Automatic Unlock | Auto Unlock Time (1-100 seconds) | Alarm Time (1-180 Seconds) | Key Volume.

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