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What are the Benefits of Garage Door Keypads?
  • One thing less to carry. Walking the dog? …
  • One less way to get locked out. This is a huge benefit for families with older children who may not always have a remote control handy if they arrive home before their parents do.
  • One less thing to lose. …

So are Outdoor keypads safe, the simple answer is, yes, very safe. Whilst you need to remember that no home security feature is 100% fail proof, the ease and convenience with the safety features that these keypads have are worth it.

The versatility of the Outdoor Keypad allows you to gain access to your premises with out having to carry around remotes and keys. The days of using a key to open a door may be ending.

Supply, Installation & Maintenance:

The Wired Keypads we offer are known brands that have years of experience in the South African market and in many instances deal with our unique requirements.

Why use us?

30+ years of valuable knowledge in Safety, Security, Intruder Detection & Alarm Systems. Now, combine that experience with a great desire to offer an extraordinary level of service delivery.

We’re driven by customers who tell us they feel safe in our caring hands. Touch base for a complete risk assessment of your property.

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    Keypad Access Advantages

    1. Keypad lock mechanisms require electrical currents to release a lock bolt after the proper code or other element is issued. No physical key is needed, unless access is granted by a body part, but hopefully that’s not easily lost.
    2. Pick one set of codes for individual use or multiple levels of access for larger organizations. Depending on your needs, you can program certain keypads differently for different users.
    3. Whether for parental or managerial control, you can assign certain access to certain codes.
    4. If a digit code is required, some may choose numbers they can easily remember. This is exceptionally convenient in these times where Armed Response companies need to gain access to our properties. Remember they need easy access to get in and out. Electric fencing, and many other security measures we install limit their access.
    5. If the code is punched in too many times incorrectly, the keypad will lock out after several failed attempts.
    6. Wireless keypad access gives greater flexibility for access outside of the home. These systems are well suited for gate access where you don’t want to run a wire the length of a driveway from a home-based power source.

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