Centurion Photon Safety Beam Image

Centurion Photon Safety Beam

Photon makes short work of achieving a safe automation
system for even the most challenging of installations.
With a wireless transmitter there’s no need to tunnel under
the driveway.
Simply align, attach and you’re away!


Main Features:

The Photon transmitter is wireless and battery-operated saving time and money.

Two-year battery life using two AA Alkaline batteries [We recommend Using Energizers].

They have a thirty-metre operating range, which is ideal for almost any entrance gate.

The Photon Wireless safety beam is ant-proof and its weather-resistant enclosure is for greater reliability.

The Photon Transmitter provides audible feedback for easy setup and battery-low indication.

It has Low power consumption for greater efficiency.

The Photon Safety Beam has an Installer Mode with audible feedback makes alignment a dream.

It is Elegant and has a slimline construction – only 50mm wide.

The Photon Safety Beam is Compatible with Intruder-detection Alarms for enhanced perimeter security.

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    Centurion Photon Safety Beam

    Vantage Swing Gate Motor

    Supply, Installation & Maintenance:

    The Centurion Photon Safety beam works well on Sliding and Swing Arm Gate Motors and are manufactured with South African conditions in mind, and have a modern look and feel.

    Remember that Gates and Gate Motors need to be service at a absolute minimum of once per year.

    Contact Planet Automation for all your gate and motor repairs and servicing needs.

    From Installation to Servicing – Contact Planet Automation

    Did you know that your gate and gate motor both need to be serviced as a minimum once every year? Servicing your gate and gate motor prolongs the life of your gate and motor.

    Having your gate and gate motor serviced by a trained technician from Planet Automation ensures that you eliminate any faults before they become issues. Planet Automation can assist you with lubricating, adjusting of limits and replacing of brushes on the motor.


    From Start to Finish – Commercial & Residential Garage Doors, Motors, Gate Motors & Intercoms

    We supply, install and repair the Centurion range of gate motors in and around Cape Town – our highly skilled, and professionally trained team install & service gates and gate motors, providing you with a complete service you can rely on.


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