Centurion Gate Motors

Centurion Gate Motors

Planet Automation is able to supply, install, repair and maintain the full range of Centurion gate motors. Whether you looking for the sliding or swing gate motors, the centurion brand of motors have you covered.

Gate motors are a matter of necessity in these days and times and no longer just convenience. They add a additional layer of security to your premises. If however it is convenience and practicality you are looking for, Planet Automation is the company to assist you.

Centurion Gate Motor Features:

  • Compact, robust design
  • Efficient, reliable operation
  • Intelligent electronics
  • Adaptive Collision Sensing 
  • Excellent security features
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Safety beam input
  • Selectable automatic closing time
  • Optional electronic lock control for added security (Holiday Lockout)
  • Low-voltage AC or DC inputCentruion

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    Mechanical Features

    • Battery backup
    • Tough-as-nails steel pinion
    • Easy mounting with a revolutionary jacking system
    • Lockable, easy manual override
    • Modular components clip together for easy maintenance

    Electronic Features

    • Simple user interface makes changing setup child’s play
    • Insect-proof controller housing with removable terminals
    • Multiple Modes of Operation with enhanced user interface
      for exceptionally easy and versatile installation
    • Adaptive Collision Sensing – intelligent enough to adapt to
      changes in the track, but sensitive enough to keep your loved ones safe
    • Opening and Closing Safety Beam Inputs with beam circuit
      functional test
    • High-security cleared beam Autoclose, in conjunction with
      Safety Beams (PIRAC)
    • Automatic closing with adjustable time delay, and
      push button override
    • Remote gate-status indicator (gate position, power failure,
      low battery, multiple collision detection and Pillar Light Status
    • Pedestrian Opening
    • Holiday Lockout
    • Courtesy/Pillar Light (fixed duration), with pre-delays and
      two Pre-flashing Modes
    • Selectable gate speed modes – Low Speed/High Speed
      (Motor Dependent)
    • Positive Close Mode (e.g. to ensure activation of electric
      fence contact switch)
    • Onboard multichannel CENTURION code-hopping receiver
      with the ability to learn remote control buttons to specific
      functions (e.g. Gate Trigger, Pedestrian Opening, Holiday
    • Low-voltage AC or DC input – perfect for installations where there is no mains power at the gate
    • Solar power-ready – energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and offering greater autonomy

    D2 Turbo

    D5 Smart

    D10 Turbo

    Vert-X Swing Gate Motor

    Vantage Swing Gate Motor

    R3 & R5 Swing Gate Motor

    Supply, Installation & Maintenance:

    All Centurion’s Sliding Gate Motors are manufactured with South African conditions in mind, and a modern look & feel with practical security features.  

    Remember that Gates and Gate Motors need to be service at a absolute minimum, once per year.

    Contact Planet Automation for all your gate / motor repairs and servicing needs. 

    From Installation to Servicing – Contact Planet Automation

    Did you know that your gate and gate motor both need to be serviced as a minimum once every year? Servicing your gate and gate motor prolongs the life of your gate and motor.

    Having your gate and gate motor serviced by a trained technician from Planet Automation ensures that you eliminate any faults before they become issues. Planet Automation can assist you with lubricating, adjusting of limits and replacing of brushes on the motor.

    From Start to Finish – Commercial & Residential Garage Doors, Motors, Gate Motors & Intercoms

    We supply, install and repair the Centurion range of gate motors in and around Cape Town – our highly skilled, and professionally trained team install & service gates and gate motors, providing you with a complete service you can rely on.

    Do you need help with your Centurion gate automation?

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