D5 Smart Sliding Gate motor

Centurions brand essence is “making your life easier” and, with the D5 SMART, they believe that they have created a product that is the very embodiment of their mission statement.

Taking their experisnces and what they have learnt through more than 30 years of being the market leader in access automation, they bring you a solution that gives you everything from intelligent reporting to easy mobile-based setup and operation.

With unsurpassed convenience and control at your fingertips, you’ll love using the D5 SMART.

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    Speed and safety

    Pushing the limits of technology and the various safety factors around speed, the D5 Smart sliding gate motor can reach an impressive top speed of up to 36 metres per minute, striking the perfect balance between security and safety.

    Smart hardware

    A lot of thought has gone into ensuring that the D5 Smart Sliding gate Motor is not just exceptionally good looking, but provides the best experience for installers and end-users alike.

    The D5 Smarts mechanical design includes:

    • Excellent cable management for an installation that is both neat and flexible
    • SMART height adjustment ensuring a correct installation is easily achieved
    • Easy access to bolts
    • Ingenious component assembly literally clicks together in a neat and sturdy manner
    • Two dedicated accessory trays hold accessories firmly in place and provide quick and easy access to wiring

    Intelligent logging and reporting

    The D5 Smart sliding gate motor provides intelligent feedback on your motor’s overall functioning and reports on events such as the last remote pressed, the condition of the battery, gate status as well as the speed at which the gate is running, delivering
    maximum peace of mind and giving you the Smart experience.

    And we love the D5 Smart sliding gate motor, too! By capturing advanced technical data, we will have quick access to system
    diagnostics, saving us considerable time and effort and enabling him to do his job more efficiently.

    Effortless and wireless

    What makes the D5 Smart sliding gate motor so smart? Well, lots of things, but wireless convenience is where this operator really shines!

    This is gate automation like you’ve never experienced it.

    Set the gate limits, speed, automatic closing and unique profiles for everyone using the gate, with just a few taps.


    Advanced diagnostics

    The D5 Smart sliding gate motor makes your life easier by boasting advanced diagnostic features, measuring and monitoring most aspects of the motor’s health, including:

    • Controller hardware
    • Battery charger
    • Electric motor
    • Override sensor
    • Optional origin sensor
    • Battery condition under load
    • External accessories connected to the D5 Smart sliding gate motor

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    Supply, Installation & Maintenance:

    The D5 Smart Sliding Gate Motor is manufactured with South African conditions in mind, and a modern look & feel with practical security features. 

    Remember that Gates and Gate Motors need to be service at a absolute minimum of once per year.

    Contact Planet Automation for all your gate and motor repairs and servicing needs. 

    From Installation to Servicing – Contact Planet Automation

    Did you know that your garage door needs to be serviced as a minimum once every year? Servicing your garage door prolongs the life of your garage door and motor. Having your garage door serviced by a trained technician from Planet Automation ensures that you eliminate any faults before they become issues. Planet Automation can assist you with lubricating, tightening and adjusting spring tension.


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    We supply, install and repair the Centurion range of gate motors in and around Cape Town – our highly skilled, and professionally trained team install & service gates and gate motors, providing you with a complete service you can rely on.


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