D5 Evo and D5 Evo Low Voltage Sliding Gate Motor 

Domestic and Light-Industrial sliding Gate Motor.

The light-industrial D5-Evo sliding gate motor is an evolution of the tried and tested D5, 500kg operator for domestic and light-industrial applications.

Potent push force, along with intelligent speed control and smooth opening and closing, makes the D5-Evo sliding gate motor the automatic choice for large private residences and townhouse complexes requiring reliable, feature-rich gate automation.

The D5 Evo Low-voltage sliding gate motor variant enables you to enjoy all the amazing features and functionality of the flagship D5 Evo sliding gate motor, even if you don’t have mains power at the gate.

All that is needed to breathe life into the feature-rich LCD controller is a low-voltage input, easily obtainable via a step-down transformer, dramatically reducing installation costs.

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    D5 Evo and D5 Evo Low Voltage

    Mechanical Features

    • Battery backup
    • Lockable, easy manual override
    • Custom-engineered gearbox molded from durable
      engineering polymer
    • Save on cabling costs – no thick, expensive high-voltage
      cables (D5-Evo Low voltage)
    • No need to fit costly isolators (D5-Evo Low-voltage)

    Electronic Features

    • LCD interface – exceptionally easy setup with visual and
      audible fault-finding and notification
    • Advanced diagnostic screens indicating:
      • Battery-low
      • Battery charge level
      • Fuse blown
      • High current draw
      • Details of the last transmitter activated
      • Health of the drive electronics
      • Currently-activated gate inputs
      • See Diagnostics Made Easy for further details
    • Intelligent speed control – high-speed for greater security
      and convenience; slower speed for increased safety.
    • Local test button can be deactivated for added security
    • Sensitive anti-crushing protection for greater safety
    • Integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality (a world first) –
      Time-barring and Auto-activation features for switching on
      Pillar Lights, deactivating ground loops, etc.
    • Multiple operating features including Intruder-detection
      Alarm Modes (a world first)
    • Remote gate-status indicator (gate position, power failure,
      low battery, multiple collision detection and Pillar Light Status indication)
    • Onboard multichannel CENTURION code-hopping receiver
      incorporating the following functionality:
      • Selective add and delete
      • Onboard receiver can be disabled
      • 500 transmitter button memory
      • Automatic maintenance features like Delete-Not-Present
      • Opening and Closing Safety Beam Inputs
      • Integrated Beam Test hardware to ensure the beams are always working correctly

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    Supply, Installation & Maintenance:

    The D5 EVO Sliding Gate Motor is manufactured with South African conditions in mind, and a modern look & feel with practical security features. 

    Remember that Gates and Gate Motors need to be service at a absolute minimum of once per year.

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