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CCTV Thermal Screening Solutions


Covid 19 has unfortunately become a reality in our lives, and is certainly here to stay for the foreseeable future. 

How do you know that the people coming into your workspace, shop or even home are uninfected? 

How can you protect those who are healthy, from those who are infected? 

Planet has some great solutions….

Fever screening at access points, is the answer. 

From handheld touch screen units, to complex and integrated Deep in Mind analytic units, using Artificial intelligence, Planet Security offer them all.

Alarms can be set on the units to activate when someone with a too high temperature is detected. The systems are wifi, and can integrate into your PC with analytical software.

Our higher end units can scan up to 30 people at a time, thereby eliminating bottlenecks at retail stores.

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    Built from the latest Video Surveillance Technology

    The CCTV Systems we supply to Cape Town are built with the latest Video Surveillance Technology. All CCTV Cameras, DVR Units and Video Surveillance Products we offer, are Tested and Used by most security companies around the world, so quality and reliability is guaranteed.  

    We only sell professional grade CCTV Products that help protect your family & business with the Highest Quality CCTV Systems. Some of our products include High Definition Analogue Systems being AHD & HD-TVI and the latest Digital HD-SDI & IP CCTV equipment as well as other advanced Security product solutions.


    Some Reasons to setup CCTV systems at your home and/or business…


    Security systems such as CCTV Cameras are becoming more and more prominent with local government / law enforcement and City Improvement Districts. There are four reasons for this as listed below:

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    Amazing CCTV Brands

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