Sectional Garage Door Benefits

Planet Automation makes use of the highest quality locally manufactured Sectional Garage Doors.

The Benefits of Sectional Garage Doors is that they can be tailored to fit garage openings thanks to their versatility to fit almost any size or shape.

Should you have a rectangular or arched opening, the sectional garage door is ideal for many homes.

They operate slightly differently to traditional Tip Up garage doors, offering a list of benefits for complete convenience and ease of use.

Increased Security

As the door sectional door panels fit into each other, the design offers limited access points making it one of the safest garage doors on the market. Its robust design makes it harder for the would be opportunists to break in to.

Due to the versatility of the door, you are able to add additional locking features enhancing your security.

Space Saving

Sectional garage doors are designed to save space, as they glide open vertically into the roof space out of your way. Unlike other Tip Up doors – which operate using hinges to tilt out and push up the door to open – one of the biggest benefits of a sectional garage door is the vertical movement which means they will never extend beyond the doorway allowing you to park close to the door.

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Another benefit of a sectional garage door is that they are very reliable and durable. This is because each panel has its own connection to the main garage door track so it is very secure when the door is opened and closed. You can also repair one panel without having to repair the whole door. Sectional garage doors are a much better option than the standard Tip up garage door that opens outwards and upwards in this way as the Tip Up door only has a few connections.


Sectional garage doors are an investment and attractive option to add to your home. They are available in standard colours White, Charcoal, Bronze and Brown. They are equally suitable for classic and modern homes and make a elegant and stylish statement.

They can also be done in specific colour by powder coating.  Sectional doors are available in Aluminium, Aluzinc and Meranti.

Easy to Use

The door is straightforward to use for all and if well maintained and balanced, easy for both the elderly and children to use.

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